Formerly, medicine used to focus on the lonely cure and the remission to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment. Today, the medical care goes beyond and even extends to other skills fields: esthetics, facial and body reshaping, thinning, wrinkles...

As one of the major manufacturers in physiotherapy for more than 30 years, the EUREDUC Company has developed an innovative technology merging all these matters together: the Vacuodermie®, embodied by the famous TV 10 and now TV20 unit that responds as well to medical needs as to those in esthetics and the well-being.






Inflammation of the connective tissue (especially the subcutaneous cellular tissue) producing a swelling of the skin ("riding breeches") which takes an upholstered and stitched aspect (cellulite).

The EUREDUC solution

The Vacuodermie® offers a true and efficient three-in-one combination: stimulation of capillary circulation, membrane oxygenation and fibroses lifting. Simultaneous, those three actions make the fat resorption effective. This cleaning "by the vacuum" tends to restore the flexibility and tonicity of the connective fibers.



Fold of the skin, caused by the age, the slimming, etc.

The EUREDUC solution

The ageing phenomenon (fold, shadows, cracks...) is mainly due to adherences of the skin on bones, toxins accumulation and water retention. As a response, the Vacuodermie® takes real part in the detachment of the adherences and the activation in toxins elimination. The face then recovers youthful appearance and freshness.



After cure wound traces, wound; Covering any part of the body (face, limbs, trunk).

The EUREDUC solution

Surgical and post-traumatic hematomas often leave ugly rolls when scaring over.

As a response, the Vacuodermie® takes real part in the resorption of these hematomas and edemas.

The Vacuodermie® also restores texture of tissue and revitalizes the surface layer of skin.

Which equipment?

To make your specific treatments as efficient as possible (therapy, esthetics, well-being), you need an easy-to-use and safety equipment for your most weak patients.

Your therapist requirements demand a high performing and multimodal apparatus:

  • to keep control of your handling
  • to assure a case-by-case care by perfect adaptation to every patient?s symptoms
  • to keep a total visibility of the treatment process
  • to guarantee your patients of steady and painless applications

The Eureduc answer

As the response to your needs, our innovative TV 20 unit offers a wide range of vacuum applications modes:

  • in stationary vacuomobilization mode, a very important hyperhemy is generated when alterning maxi/mini depressions.
  • in sliding vacuomobilization mode, according to the depression chosen, from 0.05 to 0.9 bars.

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